City of Toronto

Councillor Palacio cuts the red ribbon before a press conference, marking the completion of the 100 ft wide Railway Heritage Mural.

'The Phantom Train'

is the star of The Railway Heritage Mural for the city of Toronto. It is tribute to the actual locomotive that once passed in the area where the mural is now.


in the spirit of street art.

Rise of the Robots

The Invasion Is Here

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  • ART IS?

    The materialization of emotion, the telling of a story through color and detail that makes a lasting impression.
  • FAME

    If average fame was perceived to be 15 minutes in the 1960’s, new media has everyone at 50 minutes now but it's not something an artist should expect or be entitled to, respect matters more.

    Think of something nobody else has thought of and do it, or do something everyone has thought of but no one else has done.

    Detail and light directed in an expansive and ‘explosive’ emotional and intellectual energy. At times it is work made to be viewed from more than one side or direction.

    Know when to stop working on something at the point where no one else will notice, but make sure you have more for someone who comes back. Recognize the rhythm of impressions, people look for cues to laugh or smile.

    Its our job to reflect the history and mind of civilization, to be a vessel of nature.